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Sunglasses are modern accessories that can transform appearances as while as alter the wearers identity, a play tool of outward expression.

A Brief History

Sunglasses evolved from two sources: 18th century Venice tinted green eye wear glasses were used for protecting residents from the glare of the water.  Forward to the 20th century eye wear evolved to Driving Goggles and Aviator Glasses of World War One.  Today there are many choices in shapes, colors, and materials to fit every taste.

This is the season for sunglasses. I decided to have a conversation with my local eye wear specialist at Schoenhelden in Berlin.

What is the trend this season ?

Round lenses with mirrors, small sizes.  Mirror colors are blue, silver,

green and gold. Gradient colors for women, top of the frame is dark but fades downward, very feminine. Red frames are out!

What details should wearers look for when buying sunglasses?

Polarizing Lens are relaxing for the eyes because they cut the sun glare.  This is good for driving on the road or the reflection from the water.

Hygiene care is important.  Nose Pads! It drives us crazy. If they are made of silicon they become dirty and discolored from sweat and bacteria.  Metal is better.  If the pads are too small the glasses hang incorrectly on the face.

Are there any specific recommendations for buyers on shapes and styles?

In general when a person buys a pair of sunglasses he or she want to look good so buying frames depend on the facial shape.

For the Face Recommendations: Heart Shape Face: Round Frame, Square Face Contrast Shape, Frames like Aviator Style, Round Face-Square Frames, Oval-Many styles

Now there is bespoke fitting technology for the sunglasses, a pair is specifically fitted for the face.

The style of frames depends on what statement you want to make

Aviator Cool, Sexy, Masculine, Wayfarer-Classy, Wraparounds-Sporty, Youthful, Athletic, Oversize-Dramatic, Tea Shade-Modern Hip Special

Are there any special brands?

We have noticed people are moving away from big names, those are not about quality but more about a brand. Individualism is now the trend. We love IC Berlin, Munic Eyewear, and Eyevan. Eyevan has special high quality details.  Munic has products that feel and look good.  IC Berlin merges Fashion, Unique Style and Tech. Julbo from France is popular with young people.

For information on finding the perfect sunglasses contact our consultants: