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  • Eyewear Tips

    Part 2 of the feature on Summer Eyewear Tips.  From professionals, the best advice for buying sunglasses this season.  I got the quick lowdown from Schoenhelden Optic. Click the link below. 

  • Summer Sunglasses 2021

    Summer time, Sunglasses for 2020.  What style do you want to wear? Going over the collection, I found a pair I liked for people watching. In Berlin, my friends at Schoenhelden Optics give tips.

  • Statement Wear

     Statement Sunglasses Feature preview.   We had a bit of fun trying on shades.  Which do you like? Produced at Schonhelden Optic Berlin.    Stay Tuned for more.

  • Sunglasses 2018

    Sunglasses 2018

    These are the menswear sunglasses I recommend for the Summer 2018 with different sizes, shapes, and colours.

  • German Press Days

    German Press Days

    Upcoming styles and looks for Fall 2017 on display in Berlin during German Press Days.

  • International Press Day from Munich

    International Press Day from Munich

    International Press Day is a bi-annual event held in Munich offering a chance for media and stylists to look over the latest styles, accessories, and looks from international designers.

  • Tech Meets Life

    Tech Meets Life

    Looking forward to IFA16, the world’s biggest consumer tech show, in Berlin we decided to produce a spontaneous shoot at the NHow Hotel Berlin.  Technology is a part of everyday life.   How did we survive without it?  These are the basic necessities of life. Images by Gita Kurdpoor shot at the NHow Hotel on […]

  • Swatch Summer Shades

    Swatch Summer Shades

    Swatch introduced a colorful collection of affordable Sunglasses some with changeable frames making a pair an expressive accessory. I wore two pair for two Fashion Weeks.  I got compliments. For more information go to Swatch.com

  • Summer Shades

    Summer Shades

    August Shades     Sunglasses are modern accessories that can transform appearances as while as alter the wearers identity, a play tool of outward expression. A Brief History Sunglasses evolved from two sources: 18th century Venice tinted green eye wear glasses were used for protecting residents from the glare of the water.  Forward to the […]

  • Coming Soon: Perfect Sunglasses

    Coming Soon: Perfect Sunglasses

    Get professional tips and advice or making an impression with the ultimate style accessory,  Sunglasses.