Why are so many fashion journalist selling out? Because they want access. The same trend has been happening in mass journalism. Objectivity has become a dirty word. Life is easier to absorb the Press Release. A designer makes a mediocre or bad collection, a soft critique or bad review is not allowed. Instead there is a sort of praise. Sometimes it feels like lipstick on a pig. Losing the front row, banished to a second row is a glamor don’t. 

When a certain NY Times fashion writer labels a designer “this generations,,,,,” I know we are in trouble. Of course pandering comes with the territory. But there are limits. Even if the label buys ad pages. Or has a lot of followers.

As fashion magazines and writers continue to lose sway over the industry they are becoming more desperate to stay relevant. When once a few editors decided on trends, the fashion hierarchy is chasing them. All leaders cling on until the end.