One Less Chore!

I am searching for a new Robot Vacuum, a gadget to help me with the housework.  The one I have is reliable but becoming a bit slow.  As a person on the go, a device that can perform housework is a convenient time saver.  During IFA 2017 I checked out the brands offering new robot vacs from the least complicated to the pricier models with accessories.

The unboxing

The sleek Ecovacs Deebot M88 looked interesting so I decided to give it a test, the verdict?   This is a robot vacuum worth its $350 price.

With a stylish circular design, the Deebot is equipped with frontal side sweeping brushes and cloths for dry and wet cleaning.

The remote control is handy.  While I was working on the PC I used the remote to go over a particular spot two times.  My open studio apartment was not a particular challenge for the device in regards to navigation because all is one level with the wall to wall wooden surface with a few corners.  The reason I like a vacuum robot is because while I am out of the flat I let it run.

The Ecovacs App is easy to use for controlling the vacuum from your smartphone, available for downloading on Google Play and iTune Store.   I used the Android App, simple to use, with no fuss.

The charging dock is small, able to fit in a small corner in any room. I cannot comment on the battery life because it cleaned the flat only charging twice.

There are other robot vacuums in the higher end and lower end of the market but I liked the Ecovacs Deebot M88.  It moved quietly and quickly around the floor, and low maintenance.  When it comes to doing one less household chore, it is the perfect fit!

Video Coming Soon.