Now On My Radar

I got invited to an event from the Superdry’s public relations team to check out the store, look over the pieces and choose what I would like to wear. Who turns down free clothes?Admittingly, the brand was not on my radar. I met the team at their event in Florence at Pitti Uomo, yet for some reason I never followed up on the relationship. The British brand was founded eighteen years ago. According to the press agent, outerwear were the key pieces of the brand’s early years, mainly parkers. The two story Kurfürstendamm Berlin flagship store on has a wide selection of mens and women’s wear styles. A person could spend hours trying on pieces. There is even a vintage sportswear section.

Going over the mens fashion, Superdry is influenced by American and Japanese styles, varsity jackets layered with graphic prints. There is no shortage of monogrammed hoodies and t-shirts to match with denim wear.

As I was not familiar with the Cheltenham base company, the sales assistant showed me around. Granted being a press invitee I expected a well mannered staff, but the genuineness was authentic. Even saying “ask me anything, I know the whole collection.” Shockingly, she did. Her knowledge made it easier to decide what to choose.

Superdry advertises itself as a premium brand not the typical ready to wear high street retailer. The black jeans I have are comfortable. The green jacket is stylish. However, longevity is judge of quality. For me, if I can wear clothing for over a year without major wear and tear, it’s good.

Stay tuned for follow up stories.