REDMI Earbuds

Not So Cheap Buds

Recently I needed a new pair of earbuds. As a regular gym goer , time goes by faster, tuned into my own music. Another reason, I keep loosing my sound devices. This time my criteria was price, nothing over 50 euros, decent quality and hopefully long life. A journey to the local Media Market, telling the sales person, she recommended Redmi Buds 4 Lite from Xiaomi.

REDMI Earbuds

My take on the budget buds after a month usage, yes they are well worth the 20 euros price. Sound quality is fine, easy to pair with devices. The touch control functions are responsive, just tap on the bud.

The Redmi Buds do not have noise cancellation, which could be a bummer in a fitness studio, however, the sound quality and volume were limited but not a deal killer. The in-ear buds fit is snug, I had no problems with a piece falling out during two hour works. The connection was solid, never lost the Bluetooth signal.

Battery life has been reported a five-hour duration. The sound cues tell the user when to recharge in the small case. Also, the smartphone connection indicated the amount of charge on each bud.

I only used the microphone once, passable for connected conversations.
If a buyer thinks the low price means cheap, far from the truth, consider it twenty euros well spent.

Final Words: Redmi Buds 4 Lite are WORTH A BUY

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