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Music and More at Tribeca

Once again on the Tribeca Film Festival platform I screened a movie on a musical artist who got cheated in three categories; historical, financial and recognition.  BAM BAM: The Sister Nancy Story fills in the blanks concerning one of the most sampled musical pieces in history from a ground breaking performer, Jamaican songstress Ophlin Russell, better known as Sister Nancy.

Tribeca Film Festival
BAM BAM:The Sister Nancy Story

The 62 year old recorded a 1982 low budget music track in Jamaica titled “BAM BAM”.  A tune that would travel the world, earning millions, sadly, none for the singer. Director Alison Duke traces the roots of the Reggae beat from inception to Nancy’s new found global appreciation in this up-tempo documentary. 

Tribeca Film Festival
Claude Nobs

The second documentary based on a music subject, They All Came Out To Montreux is a homage to a Jazz Festival and the vision of its unconventional founder Claude Nobs. Using archival footage of stars ranging from Nina Simone, David Bowie to Prince, the film is an inspiring salute not only for melody lovers, but for creatives around the world. 

1980’s Again

Being too hyped can be a curse, just ask a Brat Pack Member.  For a few moments in the 80’s a handful of young actors dominated the entertainment headlines not for their acting work, but as celebrities supposedly living the Hollywood Dream.  Andrew McCarthy’s Brats explores the youth phenomenal.  Did the term hinder careers?  As a member of the “It Click”, McCarthy along with Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy and Rob Lowe talk about the effects and pressures of having a label with a baggage. Thank Goodness there was no St Elmo’s Fire 2.

Are formal balls inspiring? An uplifting a path way to a different life or an out-of-date ritual in need of reinvention?   The Debutantes charts young Black Women’s social coming out in Canton Ohio. The dedication and romanticism do not come easy during the countdown to the big day. There is no mystery about Contessa Gayles’ intentions: dignity, self-esteem and hope. 

The Debutantes

Do Scandinavians have a sense of humor? After watching Eirik Tveiten’s short film of “Camping in Paradise”, Yes! This story of personal fragility braking down in a nudist camp is a cock-a-hoop laugh.

Tribeca Film Festival
Camping in Paradise
Tribeca Film Festival
Learning English

Jean Liu’s short film Learning English used the perfect formula for modern comedy.  The set-up, execution and pay-off should be studied in film schools.  Learning a second language should be pleasurable. 

Ruthless Blade

Blood, revenge and perhaps slightly personal, that is how I would describe Bo Zhang’s animation short Ruthless Blade.  A cat’s tale with fantasies of being a warrior tiger packs some strong renderings.

All films were screened on the Tribeca Film Festival Online Platform.