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  • Personal Favs From The Berlinale

    Personal Favs From The Berlinale

    After the announcements of the main awards of this year’s Berlinale, other films also deserve recognition. In the Encounters section, The Klezmer Project was directed by Leandro Koch and Paloma Schachmann. Although it did not win (Here, by Bas Devos, took the prize), The duo’s work deserves stand-alone appraisal. Leandro, a frustrated Jewish wedding cameraman […]

  • Benetonville Fest Highlights

    Benetonville Fest Highlights

    For its eighth annual edition, the Bentonville Film Festival once again purported to be all-inclusive. Its tagline reads: ‘Championing Women and Diverse Voices’. Academy Award winner Geena Davis chairs this festival in Arkansas State. Physical events took place from June 22nd-26th, with virtual events running to July 3rd.   The Competition Narrative entry The Unknown […]

  • IFFR 2022 Impressions

    IFFR 2022 Impressions

    A bit of mixed year for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. I have not been WOWED by the selections this year, perhaps the lock downs along with production chain problems have affected entries. Still, I managed to find some nice surprises. Stay tuned for a more complete rundown. The IFFR runs until February 6th.

  • The Compellingly Divine

    A seemingly straightforward two-hour documentary of Pope Francis, Francesco otherwise manages to compel. Directed by Evgeny Afineevsky, the film is noteworthy for mostly competent direction and production values. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1936. He is the first Pope to be born outside Europe since Gregory III (731–741). As the […]

  • Is This Indie Flick Worth The Trip?

    Is This Indie Flick Worth The Trip?

    Pooling to Paradise Indie Road Flick Pooling to Paradise is an engaging and often fun critique on contemporary living. Married mum and step-mother Jenny (Lynn Chen) plans to travel to Las Vegas for a professional Blogger conference. Involuntarily she chooses the Car Pool option on her app. This means she will subsequently miss her flight. […]

  • Bentonville 2021 Picks

    Bentonville 2021 Picks

    I have been covering the Bentonville Film Festival this year, virtual of course. Not being familiar with the event, perspective or type of works to expect, my expectations were toned down Celebrating Diversity, underrepresented storytellers is the Arkansas based fests theme. 75% of the films selected were made by women.  The 2021Winners: Narrative Film Award: […]

  • Crossing Genres With Mixed Results

    Crossing Genres With Mixed Results

    At the Tribeca Film Festival this year there were the obligatory premieres. Despite the natural anticipation some program choices were questionable. Take for example the Wyatt Rockefeller directed Settlers. For its world premiere at Tribeca, expectations were good. After all, it is a Sci-Fi Western film from a debut director with an interesting cast.  “Johnny […]

  • Bentonville Fest

    Our first Bentonville Film Festival. The Arkansas event started in 2015 continues it’s tradition of championing diversity and inclusion in the cinema field. Keep checking back here for news and reviews.

  • Chat Cinema

    Chat Cinema podcast reviews the Danish feature Enforcement. A homage to the gritty anti-establishment films of the 70’s, what did we think? Click below to see our thoughts: Enforcement Directed by Anders Ølholm, Frederik Louis Hviid Starring Jacob Lohmann, Simon Sears Running Time: 108 Minutes. Language: In Danish with English Subtitles

  • Rotterdam Fest

    This is the first time I covered the the International Film Festival Rotterdam. I must admit, the Dutch event unspools films selected for being different or striking instead of political. As a cinema enthusiasts, I decided to have a more open mind perspective to filmmakers, learn new cinematic languages. Story telling that ventures into new […]