Desperate and trying to reach a demographic that is hard to figure out was my first reaction to looking over the latest fashion looks from a well known brand. Like so many labels, it is trying to lure younger buyers. For the Spring collection it decided to ditch the old DNA to make a full throttle charge at the selfie generation with colors and over the top branding on everything. This is creative teams interpretation of streetwear; give them tacky and more tacky. The result in my opinion: sky writing would have been less subtle.

As I was given a tour of the pieces and the usual “PR Speak” about the brands new approach, “reaching back”, “looking young”, “loving the inspiration”, etc, T shirts for 40 euros, as this high end label is chasing the younger buyer, I wanted to ask the press rep if he knew ANOTHER, EVEN LARGER, PRIMARK just opened in the city.  But his job is not strategy, it is to tell me about the pieces.  I had to give him a high mark for enthusiasm.

The “Primark Haul” is a popular topic on social media. It is a digital trough of cheap consumption on display. The program host proudly shows off his or her Primark Bag and its contents. T-shirts for 2 euros, jeans for 19.99 euros, and sweaters for 24 euros. YES, viewing this scared me at the beginning, but we must remember YouTube has given the world celebrities who pop pimples on camera.

Back to the brand showing me their capsule collection. I am not sure if the Haul Watchers who believe in quantity over quality, are going to spend 40 euros for one t-shirt. Social media tells them to buy 6 at once, keep it for 2 weeks, then start over again. If fashion brands are aiming for this type of buyer, say a pray, then go CHEAP. Next time a brand public relations team recites talking points about details, cynical celebrity lines, and appealing to millennials, I will make sure to have a paper bag with 7 turquoise blue letters on the side.