Milan Impressions

Going with the flow.

Milan Fashion Week is over. I love the Italian city with all of its creative instincts. Designers are always enthusiastic ready to speak about their latest works.  I had detailed collection tours. 

Fall 2019 will be about the bling.  At least that is the word from ateliers in Italy.  In other words, social media has affected fashion in many ways. Instant recognition means getting noticed. The right image on Instagram attracts free likes, comments, and shares. Fashion brands have leapt onto the instant fame generation. 

Inspiration mixed with heavy doses of commercialization took over. These days fashion is shared not personal. Style liberation has been replaced by forced digital integration. Milanese designers continue to evolve this year.  Incorporating social media friendly colors, shapes, and rebranding logos

Many fashion looks upcoming looks are based on the modern “It Girl”. A person who cannot live without a smartphone. Constantly connected with many followers. An existence centered on posting. 

Not an insult 

I viewed lovely collections not influenced by social media.  Sophisticated, the tag inside, sadly, not sure if these brands would would be popular in Fall 2019. After a chat with one public relations representative, we agreed.  Can reconciling elegance in the digital world work? On one hand, I want to say “Yes”.   After I got back to my hotel, I looked over the feeds of a few “fashion influencers”.  I wondered. Ostentatious has become a compliment. 

Milan has stepped out of the shadow of Paris.   Tailoring looks with an appreciation of the physical form,  fitted silhouettes. 

I attended many shoes and bags presentations, many brands are extending lines to accessories. A business strategy to counter Michael Kors recent acquisition of shoemaker Jimmy Choo. A country with a history of leather design and production, it was not surprising. Leather shoes prevailed.  Some incorporated exotic skin and diamond materials. 

Stay tuned for more reports.