Love the Unexpected

During Milan Fashion Week I had a very pleasant surprise. I did not plan on attending this presentation. A friend of mine had to talk me into it. Keep in mind on top of the 100 or so appointments I had on this day adding another was not something I wanted to do. I decided to go along with my friend to the presentation. Great surprises come from the unexpected. Curiel started in 1945 as a dress maker for the La Scala Set in Milan. Since that time the brand has stayed true to its origins. Making dresses representing LA DOLCE VITA! Classic, feminine, and beautiful. 

I met the 2ndgeneration owner of the label. A wonderful person radiating elegance.   Raffaella told me the history of the her family’s brand.

Going over looks not pandering to the “now” trend went down like a glass of wine. I had to enjoy the moment. Understanding modern clothing is about being seen. Perhaps Curiel would seem old fashion in today’s Instagram scene. No matter, the ultimate test is time. The brand’s heritage looks could still turn heads.