Louis Vuitton Gets The Beat

Filling the shoes of Virgil Abloh was never going to be an easy job. The menswear designer made a mark in streetwear before heading Louis Vuitton mens line. Virgil was hitting a stride, the sudden death of the African American born creative head in 2021 shocked the fashion world.


The French luxury house announced Pharrell Williams as its new head. Now, this will certainly get attention. Mr. Williams is brilliant music artist, just look over his resume. In style, he has played a coy game by flirting with non aggressive but in the line looks. Wearing a Black Chanel Jacket, short trouser suits and oversized hats have placed the Virginia Beach native on many Best Dressed Lists.

What the multi Grammy Winner lacks in formal fashion training will certainly be compensated in media coverage. As the competition for attention gets harder and harder brands want to stand out. But is Star Power enough to engage youthful buyers who are easily seduced by filtered Instagram posts? Brand loyalty these days is about as lasting as Tic Tok Reel. A music superstar taking an end of the collection bow in Paris, the replicating global headlines could sell millions of bags and colognes for the $20 billion brand or the inspiration of catty memes.

Yes, I am looking at this appointment with a bit of a side eye combined with curiosity. Personally, I know many menswear designers who could put together a dazzling collection if they had the deep pocket resources of global corporation. LVMH has thrown the dice with unproven designers in the past, Galliano at Dior, yet this is a high profile gamble for both sides. This June all eyes will be on Paris for Pharrell’s debut. Yes, I will watch, online of course.