London Mens Week

The city famed for Savile Row is aggressively trying to establish itself as a hub for men’s fashion with a touch of the English Quirky charm of fabrics, patterns, and shapes.

Highlights for us:

Sibling’s Boxing Gloves looks that were  sexy as well as hyper masculine

Hardy Amies stayed classic but in an appealing way with looks that will survive over time.

Matthew Miller decided to go in the cerebral direction with high wait belts and mono colors

Coach went with the urban cool looks, clean lines stripes, and outerwear.

Man had looks inspired the Black is Beautiful period of the 70’s. A hit!

Oliver Spencer’s flair for mixing colors and patterns without going over the top was refreshing.

Tautz I liked it but  did not love it. The oversize coats and brilliant materials stood out.

Alexander McQueen Butterflies and more butterflies on tailored looks from suits to coats.

Burberry Once again the brand played to its British roots with outerwear some based on military looks with red jackets.

Kilgour Constructed clean lines and angled looks give this brand an edge.

Katie Eary Relaxed patterned pajama silk and almost famous looks.

Richard James Outerwear and over sized sweaters were key to a very functional masculine collection.