London Fashion Week Men

My London Fashion Week Men impressions are so far so good. As always, even in middle of the Brexit Crisis, the city finds its creative spirit, edgy, off kilter. The weakest of the Menswear week, London has proven to be one of residence. Enlisting big names, Beckham, Dandy, and a Prince, to give lift into the big leagues with Milan and New York. As a person who is inspired by menswear I always think of London as experiementation, risk. That what makes it a great city compared to the others.

A quick review of the highlights 

Kent & Curwen co-owner David Beckham should be proud. The Saville label founded in 1926 produced ties for veterans. Creative Director Daniel Kearns moved effortlessly from military to sporty. The blend of colors and prints were on this side of classic by very imaginative.

Iceberg decided to go all over with knitwear and looks based on skiwear. Prints and more prints radiating sharp colors.

Craig Green has consumed too many energy drinks. Deconstruct, over the top florescent colors that looked like packing material. The headpieces seemed a bit oriental or from a religious ceremony.

Per Gotesson has an interesting take on the modern man. Just cut it at an angle. I liked pieces more than looks from the new designer. The subdued color palette was overset by bold sexual themes.

Daniel W. Fletcher proved wearable is not dull and gender is still in style. Denim, suits, and outerwear all come together for 22 looks that feel modern.

Raeburn interwove military with utility looks and material. The 10thyear of the brand means something is going right. Not high fashion but street fashion. Masculine forms, but comfortable in the unisex category for the gender free crowd, I understand the success.