Less BUT More

I viewed the last Fratelli Rosetti collection at Milan Fashion Week. The shoemakers also had a nice Spring collection with outstanding woven technics. 

From Milan 

Additionally, the luxury label an established luxury footwear brand goes decorative with the Brera Cult Project Collection. All 13 exotic bright fabric shoes have been inspired by landscapes.  The first Brera Loafer from the Milan was introduced in 1968, named after the Milanese artist neighbourhood.  

Mens and women’s looks available in limited editions.

As I have said before, Fratelli as a brand is not as well known as others. This does not mean less quality or pizazz. Every Fashion Week I look forward to checking out the looks.  I leave the presentation wanting a pair. In my book, This is a good sign. 

The shoes are shaped in a more classic and practical way.