Interview with Cristiano Burani

Cristiano Burani is a Milan based designer of head of his eponymous label. Known for his use of vibrant colors in his collections, Burani studied fashion design at New York City’s Parson.  He has worked for Versace Jeans Couture before moving to Blumarine.  His first collection debuted in 2010 in Milan with the support of Vogue Italia and Camera Nazionale della Mode Italiana.

Cristiano gave an interview to Black and Paper after his Spring/Summer 2017 collection fashion show.


Your collection went from dazzling stripes to a sophisticated suit, (Look 34) why?cristiano-burani_ful_w_s17_mi_034My fashion show is about the expression of the same woman in different times of her life, from day wear to holiday to evening cocktail. I like the idea of being eclectic and switching from casual to “elegant”, always with cool attitude.

What inspired the collection’s theme?

The Collection is inspired by my love and sensibility for colors. There is a combination of sporty details together with feminine shapes layered with a lot of technology in the new pleated and over printed fabrics.

When a woman wears a look from this collection does she want to get noticed?

A woman wearing my collection doesn’t necessarily want to be noticed. She has consciously decided to wear unique and exclusive pieces entirely made in Italy, with a semi couture process.  That is what makes all the looks so special.ter

What was the material used for looks 11 to 15? 

The material used for the two plain outfits is viscose chenille. I like the idea of using leisure fabrics for a suit which are between smoking jacket looks and pajamas but with a sporty reference.

The oversize belts are a great detail, how did you develop those?

The oversized belts are another sport reference. They are entirely stitched by hands using grosgrain ribbons of various different widths.