IFA 2018 Goes On

The Connected Home is the central theme of IFA 2018, voice activated or app controlled devices. Google is everywhere this year. The Silicon Valley titan with its Android Assistant system has decided to take control of the world by marching into the home.

Appliance technology continues to surprise me. While not as glam glam as smartphones or car tech this plays an important part in our lives. The user can ask an appliance a question for a smart response.

Hoover has a washer that is voice activated without needing an operating system. Sister brand Candy went all out for style with a new washer machine series designed by Lapo Elkann named “Bianca”. Who would think a metal box could be so CHIC.

Can blenders be connected and smart? Philips proves “YES!” A kitchen appliance can be personalized to match the needs of the user. The Smart Connected Blender is like a person trainer on the counter top. 

Electrolux SHOCKED ME! The brand person told me you can wash and dry wool in their new machines. I had to stop to think about this. The amount of money I have spent on sweaters. NO WAY I would chance this. The new 9000 series is a very advanced wash and dry home appliance. I saw the results, I admit the differences were amazing. Am I ready to test the “no shrinkage” claim? First, on a cheap item from Zara. If it works, my dry cleaning bill will be less.

English maker Magimix with its series of less noise appliances deserves attention. I have a  Hamilton Beach blender from 1978 that still work but,,, it is loud. Let’s say I need noise cancellation headphones during the time it takes to make a smoothie. During the demonstration I was shocked how quietly the blender mixed the ingredients.

In the age of Samsung and Apple does a new smartphone brand have a chance? Do not tell this to entrepreneurs who are giving it a try. The start- ups are offering new devices for sale either with or without carriers.

Staying with the subject of phones, Nokia returned to IFA. I had a feeling of nostalgia. The once mighty Finnish brand showed off the new version of the Banana phone made famous from “The Matrix”. I liked the design but not the material of the phone.

By the way, this writer prefers a stupid home to a smart one.