IFA 20

Tech is Back 

“Tech is Back” the message to IFA 2020 tech attendees for a year in upheaval. As with everything in our present reality, Covid-19 hangs over events big and small. When the Messe Berlin team announced in May the plan to go ahead with the fair, I had of surprised reaction. This years Mobile World held in Barcelona got cancelled. Many industry brands pulled out due to health concerns. 

Skepticism ran high, the continent is registering uptakes with infections, unplanned quarantines coming from certain countries. Planning normal travel can be difficult, but these days it goes beyond challenging. Attending my first big event in the “New Normal” gave me anxiety. I had many expectations.  As days rolled closer to the opening of IFA on September 3rd. I waited for an email reading “Cancelled”.  None came. 

On the first day of the 3 day IFA 20, the difference from past years was apparent, fewer people. I walked in, no crowd, no hassle. I walked in the media and press hall furnished socially distanced low back chairs. Without exhibitor stands, these halls are massive. Event press conferences were a mix of digital and live presentations. Shift and NEXT Innovations held in The Cube was more intimate.  The present trend in technology, not a hard guess. Connections and gadgets for making home stays more comfortable.


Discovered higlights at IFA 20 Special edition.

The tech sector cannot fault the IFA team for trying this year. #Thisyearisdifferent. Trying to get back to “normal” is easer said than done.

Bob, a mini dishwasher requiring 3 liters of water for washing 4 place settings in 20 minutes while using UVA disinfecting technology.  Designed by D.A.A.N. Tech from France.

Cardi B’s summer hit song “WAP” places female needs to an in the front and center. Women want to get their groove on. Satisfyer adult toys come in many shapes and sizes. Plus, they connect to Spotify.

Fitbit released new gear. I saw the watch  but I have never used the brands device. Hopefully, in  the future I will have a review.

The future of social interaction without being there, GoBe Robots has a solution, a smiling face while practicing social distancing. Mobile digital screens putting the user at the center of meetings.

Because we couldn’t  have  hands on experience with devices introduced digitally. I decided to skip writing about those gadgets.