HP Goes Slick

I have been in the market for a new laptop. Currently, I use a MacBook Pro. Loyalty is a not factor because I have had different brands over the years. My needs change or evolve when it comes to work devices. 

Given a chance to test the HP Spectre gave me an opportunity, why not? I know the HP brand but I am not familiar with the companies product line.  Certainly, I did not think they had a stylishly designed product that would fit my needs.  I had a pleasant tech surprise. 

My Impressions 

The Box

My initial reaction: A nice finish, pleasing to the eye, and easy to put under the arm in a rush with the leather case.

Battery life is good. The flat keyboard is comfortable with a responsive touchpad. The overall performance, fast, while easy to use.

While I was using this Spectre I broke my arm, then in a cast for 7 weeks.

I had a mixed impression of the facial ID system. Without glasses, fine, there were problems wearing glasses for identification. I used the ID code.

The portability factor, weighing around 3 pounds, worked for me while traveling around Italy and France on a working holiday. I used the tablet feature for spontaneous on set conversations. When writing I put in the table top setting. The tent mode was good for breakfast meetings.

I had a touch screen PC in the past. Using one again reminds me what I missed about them. They are intuitive and easy to use. The 13 inch backlight screen is sharp.

Staying in the premium league for Spectre, the Bang Olusen speakers are good for those like me who listen to music while working.

The  Modes 

Working in the South of France 

I had no problems with heating while simultaneously keeping many windows open.

HP is positioning the Spectre for those searching for a style with reliability in their PC’s. You will not be ashamed sitting at a cafe using this slick device.

To my surprise, even the accessories were well designed. 


About this review, sadly, I broke my and ended in the hospital and with a cast for almost 2 months. I did not have the opportunity to really put the Spectre through a more rigorous test. However, overall, I liked the PC. 

Quick Specs 

Intel Core CPU, Intel UHD Graphics, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, micro sd port, 13 inch touch screen