Hi Tops from Dior

I looked over the Dior Pre-Fall Collection. Kim Jones continues to lean to streetwear for inspiration.  His commercial instincts are solid. Luxury labels must court new buyers to stay relevant.  I am not sure where the line is drawn between courting and desperate attempt.  

Dior meets Air Jordans from the Pre Fall Collection.

The new Nike Air Jordan hi-top crosses the border. The association reminds me of an LA Swap Meet stall. I do understand the inspiration other than some street credibility. In all honesty, it takes tacky to an overpriced level. For many reasons this type of cross over collaboration reminds me of Pierre Cardin licensing products in the 1980’s. Where did that end?

Lastly, with all certainty, this new sneaker will have millions of fake copies in a matter of weeks. On sale at the Swap Meet for 29.99.