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  • Hi Tops from Dior

    I looked over the Dior Pre-Fall Collection. Kim Jones continues to lean to streetwear for inspiration.  His commercial instincts are solid. Luxury labels must court new buyers to stay relevant.  I am not sure where the line is drawn between courting and desperate attempt.   The new Nike Air Jordan hi-top crosses the border. The […]

  • Works of ART

    A GREAT BAG is not an item but a work of timeless art.  These brands are not a purchase but an investment in craftsmanship.  


    New Year’s celebrations means letting out your inner FABULOSITY! This is a time to use color to express your optimism for the New Year. Chanel Dior All of these items are available in stores worldwide.

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture

    Black and Paper media partner France 24 covers Couture Week with highlights including looks from Chanel. Couture In Paris

  • Christmas Gifts for under the tree