Has Gucci Gone Too Far?

Has Gucci gone too far? A recent the New York Times article asked the question, “Is Gucci stylish or tacky?”  The answer could go in both ways according the perspective. Gucci embraced the modern. In many ways the looks reflect the “Selfie Times”.  See me! This is what I got! Instagram posting moment! Because life is not about being subtle.  Because these designs are made with social media in mind, it is all about the post. During Fashion Week Milan in February I got an up close and personal go see of the entire collection at the Gucci Campus in Milan.  Creative Director Alessandro Michele has taken the brand into new areas unashamed personal expression. For those who like the subdued, buy a British Heritage Brand.


This Fall Collection mixed with pop references and styles. There is no one silhouette. It is about being photographed in the here and now, no matter what is worn. The aesthetic is classic meets frivolity, everyday items charged with bling. The pieces can be mixed and match with streetwear for a standout effect, casual jeans with a baseball cap emblazoned with a “G” on top. For bag fanatics in all of us with the urge to show off, the exotic skins and shapes with shining details are there. You cannot help but get noticed with this accessory hanging on your arm. The details are many, such as embroidery, logos, and prints.

What I liked the most was the overcoat with a twist of three visual styles. One half was traditional gentlemen’s gray while the other mixed tartan with an animation print on the bottom. The gender look is menswear but in reality it could be effortlessly worn by anyone. Honestly, I would not wear an entire Gucci look. It would overwhelm me. One piece would be enough for an entrance.

Gucci Fall 2018 looks are available in stores.