GLAM Inspired!

Dubai based fashion brand AAVVA was founded in 2006 by Lebanese Ahmad Ammar and Brazilian Vincenzo Visciglia.

The Black and Paper interview with Fashion Designers Ahmad and Vincenzo.

How did you guys start in the fashion business?

Ahmad: We met in 2011, while working on the same project in Dubai. That project was in our field of engineering. Soon we realized that we both had a vision when it came to fashion, we decided to start our own fashion line, AAVVA.  I also had a degree from ESMOD Fashion School in Beirut.

Vincenzo was involved in the fashion and modeling fields before.  Everything pointed in the direction for us to start a fashion brand.

Vincenzo: Dubai, the city with all its dynamics was also a driving source of inspiration for both of us. We strongly felt that we could do something in the field of fashion especially in a multicultural city like Dubai. Even though we’d studied engineering, we felt certain fashion we could make a contribution to the fashion field.  We followed our instincts.

Do you have a favorite piece from the Resort Collection?

A: We have a couple of pieces that we really like.

Our favorite pieces from the resort collection are the fringe dress that we are making it in 2 styles, the cotton thread fringes as well the fully beaded Swarovski crystals fringes, this dress has been worn by many celebrities like Joelle and Ola and other fashion influencers,  as well, it was our top selling in Galleries Lafayette Dubai Mall.

What is the goal of your designs?

A: Our goal is to express our vision and background as engineers while portraying our love for fashion, art, and style. We want to be able to bring out the best incorporating our backgrounds as engineers.

What is your vision of modern feminine fashion?

A: We design for the modern, feminine woman of today. And we always make sure to emphasis this in each piece. Femininity is something that really represents both Arabic and Brazilian woman, so here comes AAVVA, the mix between the rich Lebanese and the colorful Brazilian culture!

What type of woman do you have in mind when you design?

A: We design for the modern yet feminine woman of today!

What designer has influenced you the most?

A: We believe inspiration is all around. J

V: We both agree that we get our influences from so many talented designers, both Arab and non-Arab. We want to stay up to date, in style.  Also, our inspiration comes from our customers; the people we design for are very influential on our creations.

Being located in a place that is both conservative and progressive, is it a challenge bringing the two together as far as designs?

A: Conservative is never really a challenge, we know our Arab clients love our pieces. They come to buy many of our stunning looks to wear for their events like weddings or a red carpet gala.

V: Progressiveness of the place also helps us to keep track with what’s going on! Obviously, we are constantly aware of the progress that is being made all around and we are lucky to grow and progress together with Dubai. As we mentioned, UAE was always our source of power to start and grow, the source of our inspiration.


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