Getting the Chic Back Part 2


In part 2 of our interview with Alitalia Customer Care Head we learned the airline’s definitions of hospitality and customer care.

Do you think people are tiring of being treated like non-customers on airlines?

Alitalia is transforming its guest travel experience embodying a concept of Italian hospitality, thanks to a combination of new service enhancements and an accelerated programme of cultural and operational change at every level within the airline. To date, over 8,000 Alitalia cabin crew and front line airport teams have completed Customer Excellence training workshops dedicated to service excellence, image, style, and in-flight dining service inspired by the world’s best restaurants. On the ground and in the air, Alitalia is empowering its customer-facing staff, placing them at the heart of this transformation process and the response from our guests is extremely positive

What is the definition of hospitable to you?

Hospitality for us is a warm welcome with attention to details which makes our guests from all over the world feel as they were in a typical Italian home. We aim to become the best airline in Europe, and to achieve this we must ensure excellent hospitality and service for our passengers before, during and after their flights. Our new airport lounges “Casa Alitalia” perfectly reflect our idea of hospitality: an environment that combines emotion with efficiency.

In the age of discount airlines why choose Alitalia to fly to Rome or Milan?

Alitalia represents the best Italy has to offer. Our guests will feel a sense of Italy upon boarding the airline’s newly designed planes, equipped with exclusive ‘Made in Italy’ amenities, products and services for customers. Business Class passengers can relax in luxurious Italian-brand Poltrona Frau Leather seats that recline fully to a comfortable flatbed position and enjoy award-winning onboard dining featuring the best of Italian regional food and wine. Alitalia’s new ‘dine anytime’ meal service allows customers to decide when they prefer to eat on board. All classes of travel – business, premium economy and economy – feature newly renovated cabins. We are showing our customers that Alitalia stands for great service and our product and punctuality have changed to best-in-class.

As for the connection opportunities, from Alitalia’s hub at Rome Alitalia passengers can connect to 24 cities in Italy and 53 cities in the rest of the world, including Europe, Middle East, the Americas, Cuba, Far East and North Africa.

Furthermore, the flights departing from Rome and from Milan allow our passengers to reach not only the United Arab Emirates, but continue, thanks to our partner Etihad Airways’ extensive global connections, to many destinations in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Asia and Australia

Is it true you sent a newlywed couple a bottle of Champagne because of lost luggage?

Yes, it is. Recently we’ve made a surprise to two guests in honeymoon by delivering them a gift at their arrival in Naples, as a special care to improve their experience. Their response was extremely positive.

Where do you like to travel to relax?

New York is my favorite city in the world as there is just so much choice and you can never get bored from great hotels, culinary delights, theatre, shopping but most of all just walking around exploring. Living in Italy now for 18 months, my second favorite is “Italy”: it has everything to offer and choice from great locations in the South on the Mediterranean but especially the mountains of Tuscany and Umbria whereby the silence is just perfect, the fresh air, the calming surroundings and its lake getting back to basics by experiencing the olive harvest, the truffle hunting, the exquisite vineyards. The peace and quiet for me is a luxury.

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