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  • Getting the Chic Back Part 2

      In part 2 of our interview with Alitalia Customer Care Head we learned the airline’s definitions of hospitality and customer care. Do you think people are tiring of being treated like non-customers on airlines? Alitalia is transforming its guest travel experience embodying a concept of Italian hospitality, thanks to a combination of new service […]

  • Getting the Chic Back

    Getting the Chic Back

    Part 1 of the Black and Paper Feature The Glamorous spirit of Italy is being recaptured by Alitalia.   The flagship carriers renaissance begins with  the style and chic looks of new crew uniforms. Why the new uniforms after so many years? Renovating a company must include the renewal of its image. And what is more […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Part 5

    Milan Fashion Week Part 5

    Does Milan have a signature style?  If making the best clothing is a signature style, then I would say, “YES”! Alitalia’s new uniforms   Black Beauties from Marie Claire