Getting Around

I attended my first InnoTrans event in Berlin. Why would I go to a mass transit trade fair? As a person who uses public transport in every city I visit for either business or pleasure getting around is crucial. I am not a high profile magazine editor wearing Prada. During fashion weeks I jump on and off buses, trams and metro networks all day.

InnoTrans is the largest mobility event in Europe occurring every two years. After Covid, there was a great deal enthusiasm to reconnect. I knew no one. Twenty-nine massive halls with exhibitors from around the world discussing mass transit. Ask me about the brake mechanics of a tram, not a clue! But there was a shift to mobility, design and customer experience. Manufacturers and operators are transitioning to to connected and digital spheres. Metro screens guide riders to transfers or local spots. Transport apps better coordinate travel plans. Regional trains have vertical bike holders as well as battery rechargers for commuters.

Overall, it was fascinating participating in InnoTrans, a learning curve, but well worth it.

Sitting in the KonCar Tram felt similar to a living room experience instead of the cattle car feel of mass transit.

Pod Car-Hopefully, in 2024 these will be on the street

These interactive displays have to potential to engage users in many ways.

Buzzing around in the air similar to the iconic 1960’s cartoon THE JETSONS.