Fashion Week Milan Men 2016

Fashion Week Milan Men 2016

Menswear looks from  Milan based fashion brands were on display throughout the city from Fashion Shows to Presentations in stunning settings.  Being a Fashion Capital, Milan offers a myriad of designers producing clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories for the well-dressed man of the season who desires relaxed tailoring.   Menswear fashion taste is consistent; a definition of male elegant sex appeal and seduction combined with soft fabrics, some collections were muted while others were a mix of hues and patterns.   A luxury accessory here and there can do wonders for a look, Milan lived up to its reputation for leather goods with shoes and bag in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

I was proactive in Milan from the time I landed to the time I left, racing around the city with a smartphone app (installed on my second day) or asking police and super friendly metro station workers for directions was a fun way to get around the city from one location to the next for an interview or conferences held by Camera Nazinale della Moda Italiana.   Public transport in Milan is excellent, from the romantic vintage trams to the modern underground system.  Walking around can took a bit of skill because of the city’s triangle planned streets, north and south seemed one but I managed.

Eat your heart out Downton Abbey!  The surroundings of the presentations were impressive, and in some cases, stunning.  Medieval palaces, 19th century villas in the heart of the city, fashion storytelling with an arc of fineness.  Yes, I was awe inspired looking over a shoe collection with a 400 year old tapestry in the background.   Moving forward to the modern locales, which were equally impressive included: garages, roof top cafes, and a shop with an 8 meter mannequin, there was not a single dull place to view next Spring’s looks.

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