Evolve 2-40-My WorkHorse

The New Year opened with yet another lockdown. The world is now working from home. A dramatic shift from going to the office to living room then being linked to colleagues via Zoom. The New Normal makes connected tech more important.

My headphone of choice these days has been the Jabra Evolve2-40. Positioned as an office headset, I use the device everyday all the time at home for conferences, interviews and teaching. The Evolve quickly evolved into my normal day workhouse device. 


As an instructor, I have classes up to 3 straight hours with students. Comfort is a must for headgear. The cushions and headband feel nice, not getting hot on the ears or head after a long period of time.

I can feel the care for design with the weight and material quality. The Evolve 2-40 ear cups are lightweight foam that don’t sweat. The oval form earphone cups pivot easily adjusted for personal fit. 

On the right side there are control buttons for sound, play music and answering online calls.

The swivel microphone is easy to use. The red light on the USB port alerts me when the mic is mute. Having two people in a small place home doing home office tasks is challenging. The Evolve 2-40 is equipped with noise isolation technology. This enables me to work while the other person in the room is having his digital work conferences. 

Connectivity is easy either with USB-A or USB-C connections.

The one disadvantage of the USB connection is the incompatibility with my tech devices. I had to carry a second set of headphones.

The Evolve 2-40 comes with a black carry case for travel.

After everyday usage, my conclusion on the Jabra Evolve 2-40 is as a headset offers premium sound quality. Jabra may not be a household name compared its competitors, but this has not stopped the brand from making an excellent device worthing of attention.

Check local stores for availability or go to Jabra.com