Colette Experience

What is a trip to Paris without a visit to Colette on Rue Saint-Honore?  Always an experience, never dull, this boutique is a world class destination for fashion and trends with hundreds of distinctive, diverse items reflective of its status as first class shopping destination.

Black and Paper Chat during Paris Fashion Week in Colette.

What is Colette?

Fashion is a piece of the puzzle.  It is art, watches, food, streetwear.    And there is intimacy here.   The buyers select but 1 person decides on what is in the store.  It is all one vision.  But Colette loves life.

Are there plans to open another store?

NEVER! There are no plans.  All the focus is on this store.


Why do non-fashion brands want to be sold here?

They want to touch another type of clients.  We can display products in a new way.  We had an event with Samsung.  Coca Cola (Special Edition Bottle), Happy Plugs, Fuji Camera, Disney, World Cup, and Moet Chandon had special “Colette Collections” only available here.

The Colette Café is a meeting point especially at Fashion Week, there are people from all over the world.

(Side note: During our conversation a well-known magazine editor and publisher came by our table to say “hi.”)

It is a destination where fashion people have to come.   Lagerfeld came in to shop without the drama.  He is often here.  But all customers are treated equally, the same service whether Jay Z or a person who walks in for the first time for a 4.00 euro café or a 4000 euro one of a kind Ready to Wear jacket.

It is a meeting point all the time.  It is very difficult to get bored in Colette.   There is always investment in the store to keep it fresh and new, it is the curiosity factor.   Like the menu designs and wallpaper, these are redone every 2 weeks.

There is always an event ranging from a pop up store to book signing.  Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington had a successful book signing.

The Burberry London Fashion Week See Now Buy Now event was very successful.  We had a video feed of the runway show, then after we allowed viewers to buy the see and buy the collection

Independent Brands are always supported in the store.

YES!  They are the future.

Paskal Clothes form the Ukraine .

Sacai from Japan is great, a brand mixing RTW with Bespoke.

The Fabrizio Viti shoe collection is a must have.

What’s popular now ?

Chris Kane Sweatshirts are popular.  Kongol hats, Puma High Heels.  Streetwear is in the store’s DNA.

What about shopping online?

The website is the Colette experience but on a screen. Everything in the store is online.

Colette is located in Paris at 213 Rue Saint Honore or go