Classy Weimar

For my first travel in the New Normal I decided on  a staycation. As if I had a choice. Nothing is flying these days. Where to go? The city of Weimar, located in Thuringia, a 3 hour drive from Berlin.  I knew little about the city.   

Classy, compact, and elegant the former Grand Duchy Capital is a Unesco Heritage Site.  A centre for culture for 2 centuries, many German intellectuals called Weimar home. The giants in the city mythology are writer Goethe, poet Schiller and composer Liszt. Each man contributed to the Artistic and Intellectual Movements of the 19thcentury. The Weimar Republic period of Germany started here with a 1918 Congress declaring the country a republic after World War 1. 

The uproar the early 20th century produced the Bauhaus Art School headed by Gropius and Kandinsky.  (Stay Tuned for the feature on the new Bauhaus Museum). 

It is easy to fall for the charm of Weimar form its small square to strolling the parks and small cobblestone streets. Mercifully, the center was spared bombings during World War 2 and the cheap architecture of the Communist regime. 

Arriving not expecting much. Sometimes it’s nice to be proven very wrong. Casual, not overloaded, take time to enjoy Weimar.  There are many museums and exhibits. Or just take a stroll.  On my stroll meter: 8.

More coverage coming.