Van Moof Store Berlin

Biking in the 21st Century

Spring time in Berlin means bike riding. The cycling lanes have been widened to encourage more cycle ridership. I tried an electric Van Moof last year. The Dutch brand has made a name for itself in the mobile tech field with it’s uniquely designed durable city bikes. When you see the bike, you know it. 

This is not the 70’s Chopper bike, just jump on and ride. In 2021 there is no fun without connecting to a smartphone. Download the Van Moof application for the easy set up.

The most recognizable Van Moof feature is the integrated design with technology.

For some reason while Peddling around Mitte, it felt as if I were piloting Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet, a smooth ride. The store employee told me to press a button for speed. I had a clear path, I tapped the Boost Button, suddenly, VROOM!

Digital Lock

There is no need for lock. HUH! With the high anti thief system; the stealth lock and alarm discourages event the most determined bike napper. All bikes can be tracked. If your 2.000 euro investment happens to get stolen, Van Moof track it down, then return it. If return is not possible, the company will give you a new one. I had a look of disbelief when the store attended told me about this feature.

What I did not like about the model I used was the recharging feature. Living on the 5thfloor, a 100 stir climb with a bike for recharging, not in my book! But there is a portable recharging unit.

Van Moof is trendy and practical and fun in a time of peddle power. But, the price could put many off. Secondly, there is a lot of tech in the bike. A Van Moof can only be repaired at on the company’s centers.

My conclusion, I really liked the Van Moof. Would I buy one? Tempting. Technology combined the simple pleasure of bike riding on the city streets.

If in Berlin head over to the Van Moff store in Mitte at 42 Torstrasse for a test ride. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and admire their product.