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  • Still Riding in December

    Still Riding in December

    Woke up to snow in Berlin today. Does this mean it’s time to put the bike in the basement? I am going to try to delay the moment as long as I can. Dutch brand Maium makes outerwear for biking in challenging weather. The oversize coats can extend over the bike to protect hands and […]

  • Hansa


    Stay tuned for the North Germany Hansa City tour.

  • Biking in the 21st Century

    Biking in the 21st Century

    Spring time in Berlin means bike riding. The cycling lanes have been widened to encourage more cycle ridership. I tried an electric Van Moof last year. The Dutch brand has made a name for itself in the mobile tech field with it’s uniquely designed durable city bikes. When you see the bike, you know it.  […]