BE Stylish, BE Comfortable.

Inspired by the Spanish lifestyle of classic refinement fashion designer Silva Lago created a shoe brand for the modern woman appreciating comfort but wanting style.

An exclusive Black and Paper interview with Silva Lago.

Why did you want to design shoes?

Silvia Lago was born out a personal need. I couldn’t find shoes that were both stylish and comfortable to wear all day. I had to choose between sophisticated but uncomfortable stilettos or more wearable but less stylish high heels. I moved to Alicante in Spain, one of the world’s regions of luxury shoemaking, to learn the art of shoemaking and start a new shoe line that offered both elegance and wearability. With the help and advice of a team of shoe experts, podiatrists, last artisans and biomechanical experts, we have developed the first high heel shoes that improve comfort without sacrificing a sophisticated look. Our shoes feature a reinforced structure, cushioned insoles with high performing materials, anti-bacterial leather linings, stable heels with shock-absorbing heel caps, etc.

Is the collection a reflection of you roots?

I try to reflect Barcelona’s cosmopolitan style in all of my collections. Also the 40’s and 50’s fashion style of Spain’s aristocratic women is also a constant inspiration, always so elegant and stylish dressed by couturiers such as Cristobal Balenciaga. My designs blend the vintage chic style with a more modern aesthetics reflected in updated materials and colors. I also like to use a very bright and shiny color palette -fuchsias, yellows, bright blues..- as a reflection of Spain’s lively atmosphere.

Why do you think women love having so many pairs of shoes in their closets?

Shoes are a “magical” fashion piece and, as such, they have the power to elevate any outfit. Shoes are our weakness, and that’s why we love to have so many pieces. Sometimes we fall in love with a pair and we have to have it, even if it’s uncomfortable or it doesn’t fit well. And that’s what we are trying to change! All of the shoes in you closet should be both comfortable and stylish. We design for the modern cosmopolitan women who need to be polished, comfortable and confident in her shoes.

Should women’s shoes be more practical?

Absolutely! Our brand was born with that idea in mind. There shouldn’t be beautiful shoes that are not practical or uncomfortable. We are women on the go and we need our shoes to accommodate our busy lives, not the other way around. We need fashion pieces that make us be more beautiful and comfortable in an effortless way, and comfortable shoes are a must.

Do you follow other shoe designers?

I am very inspired by other designers and their successful stories. I admire the timeless elegance and chic style of my fellow Spaniard Manolo Blahnik. I also feel very inspired by the story of Stuart Weitzman, he is a great designer and businessman as well! I also follow Sarah Flint, an emerging shoe designer from NYC, who is doing some great work.

Are your shoes more for the day or night?

My collection is a reflection of my customers life, ranging from office day wear kitten heels to more elevated embellished night stilettos. Most of our styles are very versatile and easy to transition from office formal to off-duty style. All of our shoes are designed with the modern women in mind, to make her feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Note the stylish block heels for all day wear and the thin but stable stilettos to enjoy comfortably for evening events.

For more information go to:Silvia Lago.