Action + Words=3

I have written about this subject in the past.  It is easy to protest, be a part of a movement that does not involve negative consequences. Climate change activism continues to stay on the front page.  Greta made the cover of Time magazine as Person of the Year. 

From the New York Times 

However, does Generation Z really feel about the planet and consumption? Primark’s revenue rose 4% with more planned store openings in 2020.

I recently ran across a New York Times article on the Instagram obsessedcrowd concerning shopping.   The divergent values add up the same as 2+2=3. This is the reason many fashion brands are having a difficult time understanding what these consumers want.  Hate fast fashion on social media, run to the store to get a new look, post.   Buy better means buy less, yet on Instagram posting the same look twice is a faux pas that will earn negative comments. Such is the life of digital “W level” celebrity.  A disposable wardrobe in the closet on Saturday, throw it in the garbage on Monday, shopping again on Friday.   

Climate change is a movement, but instant gratification is an entrenched modern behaviour.