A Genius Tortured

Sadly, I missed this gem of a documentary at the Berlinale. After speaking to the distributor, my interest got peaked with the intention of a follow up, but because of scheduling conflicts the film fell off the timetable. Happily, with LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING is receiving glowing reviews. The legendary performer in many ways invented musical showmanship style that was copied by Elvis and Pat Boone, then lead the way for Elton John, David Bowie and Madonna, but sadly as an African American singer in Jim Crow America, the Macon, Georgia born singer never got the credit he so deserved. All the interviews I watched with Richard, laughing, joking, the bitter twang came through. Passing away in 2020 at age 87, the world may finally catch up to a man who was way ahead of his time.

Lisa Cortes’s work arrived in cinemas this week.