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  • A Genius Tortured

    Sadly, I missed this gem of a documentary at the Berlinale. After speaking to the distributor, my interest got peaked with the intention of a follow up, but because of scheduling conflicts the film fell off the timetable. Happily, with LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING is receiving glowing reviews. The legendary performer in many ways […]

  • Visual Poetry from Bolivia

    Visual Poetry from Bolivia

    Utama has won acclaimed for its visual poetry style. Bolivian Director Alejandro Loayza Grisi‘s film follows the affects of severe weather on a shepherd family. Chat Cinema Podcast with the filmmaker coming soon.

  • Berlinale-Strong Island

    Black and Paper interview with Director Yance Ford. “Strong Island” is a documentary that is topical on a social and historical, the shooting of an unharmed African American Man followed by a criminal justice system that vilifies a person of color with a “Guilty Label” regardless of the circumstances and ultimate outcome.  The 107 minute […]