400, not on my dime,

NOPE! I cannot recommend paying $400 for a pair of sneakers made in who knows where. If I had asked my parents for pair when I was in the targeted buying group these trainers are targeted she would have responded “Not on my dime, McDonald’s is always hiring”. LVMH acquired American brand Tiffany & Co in 2021. The famous blue colored jeweler has been an exclusive place of dreams luxury staple for 185 years. Those days are over in the era of “masstige” where are labels are trading up or down.

Partnering with sportswear titan Nike, the first of I am sure, many co-branding partnerships signals the new owners plan on making their New York based holding more accessible to a younger generation.

A high priced sneaker with a colored “Swish” packed in a fancy branded box brings out the cynical side of me.

Nike and Tiffany