THE ONE Interview with Valerie

Black and Paper interview with THE ONE Grand Show Star, Valerie Inertie.

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Valerie is a combination of physical grace and athleticism with a passion for physical expression she has developed during her long career of dance and acrobatics.  She has lived in Berlin since 2013. An admitted adrenaline sports enthusiast, she has been doing acrobatics since the age of 3. As a Cyr Wheel Artist she has performed around the world to critical acclaim.

How did you become involve in THE ONE Grand Show?

I was in the Christmas Show 3 years ago at the Friedrichstadt-Palast.  I had a good connection with the director, who said I had a strong presence, and he asked me if I would like to get involve in a show he was planning which was The One Grand Show.

How do you feel about wearing the Gaultier Costumes?

They are fantastic! It is an honor to wear them.   As an acrobat the challenge is the movements in the costumes.  Gaultier asked for my input.  We developed a hook-clip quick released.

This is a very physical show for you.

Yes. I had a lot of input for my role, to make it work for me.  I have choreography, and aerial performances.  I fly on a high speed wench, then an aerial hoop, and the Cyr Wheel. As a dancer the   period of movement is longer but as an acrobat the period of movement is shorter but more intense.

The physical staging is woven into the storyline.

Absolutely! There is an artistic link between everything; the dancing and acrobatics.  They are a part of narrative not a side story.

What are your future plans?

For 2019, after the run of THE ONE Grand Show I am developing a Cyr Wheel Act then in Switzerland I will take part in the 100th anniversary of circus.

Valerie Inertie can be seen in THE ONE Grand Show in Berlin at the Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Images by Vladimir Sichov.