2020 PART 2

Black and Paper prepares for the second half of 2020. How do we do it? Taking CUES! 

A Digital Gym Partner

Like everyone, I am making the most of working out, running in the park everyday, sprinting on stairs. […]

Back in the Gym

Friday, June19th. After 90 days of not going to the gym, I finished my first week working out […]

New Normal Workout

I returned to the gym after 90 days. New Rules in the New Normal. How do you follow […]

Gym Gone

Berlin is reopening slowly but steadily. Stores, then restaurants have opened. On Monday hotels and museums re emerge […]

Fashion Biz Trends

Continuing my conversation with Editor Alex Popov.  We moved to the topic of Fashion Biz Trends.  What do […]

Classy Weimar

For my first travel in the New Normal I decided on  a staycation. As if I had a choice. […]

Is It Worth It?

As the Coronavirus takes a toll on travel. Global Tourism has crashed down around us. I could not […]

Ikea after Lockdown

I had to pop over to IKEA for a few home items.  Getting inside the store today, similar […]