The Pain & The Pleasure

AGAIN! Another reopening, in time for the summer. We have been through this before. A part of me thinks these lockdowns are a trail run for a societal behaviormodification program. But, a least the city opened again. Life is sort of normal. Whatever that means in 2021. 

I decided to meet a good friend at the KaDeWe department store for lunch. How middle class! I got to the front entrance. If only it could have been so simple. NOPE! I woke up early to get a Covid test valid for 24 hours.

A new app has taken the stores by storm, or holding it prisoner, LUCA. All shoppers have to scan the Google bar code before entering establishments. I did not get the memo. A tall handsome blonde security person told me I could not enter without the new tracking tool.

After a twenty minute ordeal of trying to download this tracking app, the door person told us we can show the negative notice and register inside. Really Pamela Anderson! Telling us this information AFTER all the trouble. OK!

Line one for the entrance registration took 3 minutes.

Up to the food floor. All the culinary sections were roped off, one way in or out. Getting to an area was the same as a mouse in a maze searching for the cheese in the center. We decided on the Kartoffelacker, known for potato plates. But first, we had to show our Covid Status, AGAIN! Then filled out another form. Thankfully, the restaurant service was exceptionally attentive. 

After 90 minutes of food, wine and chatting we decided to do some shopping in the 7 floor cathedral of consumption. Down we went to the menswear area. Sadly, nothing was on sale. On the ground floor, heaven and fun. “Dream as if you’ll live forever”, James Dean said. Talking to the sales people at Fendi and Tiffany sales people. My shopping partner loves the Blue Box jeweler. 

Suddenly, I remembered an event that required a gift. Back upstairs for coffee. Guess what! AGAIN! Another form and we had to show the staff our status. 

Chanel Shopping
Chanel and Coffee

Thankfully, there is a stationary department on the 5thfloor with cards and pens. My life was saved. 

Would I go back to the KaDeWe during these times?