Influencer, HOW?

Trust Issues! 

Has the influencer trend come to an end?   Not sure, but change is taking place. Influencer marketing earned 1 billion in 2017 but the shine is beginning to tarnish. Marketing survey firm Bazaarvoice released findings concluding consumers are growing tired of staged posts by paid influencers.  Many of the surveyed responded the quality of the postings are turn offs, repetitive posts lacking originality.

Asked, 63 percent felt influence content has become too “materialistic” and “misrepresents real life. There is a feeling authenticity has been lost.  As well, 49 percent feel there is a need for tighter regulation of online posts.

Authorities on both side of the Atlantic have now started scrutinizing the influencer field. The United States Government Agency, The Federal Trade Commission has issued issued warning letters concerning paid posts without proper disclosing.  no enforcement has been enacted, yet. European Agencies agencies have actively notified influencers to delete undisclosed post. Many have lost court cases

Recently Dior made a social media splash by seeding the brand’s Saddle Bag to fashion influencers.

Dior Saddle Bag Social Media Success but at What Price

 The stunt felt cheap. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of the brand.  Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri won me over after the second collection. Openly giving away a $2000 bag on Instagram then expecting everyone else to pay, TACKY for a prestige fashion brand.

This is Social Media Pandering. Influencers who got the “freebie” did not even try to make good images of gift.  Pictures posing with the “trendy item of the season” were laughable, others cringeworthy. To add insult, lacking originality or fashion knowledge, there were plentiful but standard Junior High School Newspaper captions: “So happy to have gotten my Dior Saddle Bag”, “Love my Saddle Bag”.  An aspirational accessory felt like a retread jacket from H&M.   I hope “Fashion Degradation” does not go lower.

Social Media stars have become new celebrities, but if you ask what is their talent or appeal, the answer raises more questions: How does an app filter make a star?   How does an app filter make an expert?   I think we are still lost but going with the flow.