Xiaomi in Your Pocket

Chinese brand Xiaomi has been called the “Apple of China”. Founded in 2010, the brand ranks as the one of the world’s top smartphone makers.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 5G launched in Feburary 2020. I tested the device in Berlin at Fonschmiede Centre, Friedrichshain.   My first impressions, a polished statement for those looking for an Android alternative to Samsung. 

Tech Associates Radu Muncelean, Sven Birkhahn, and I went over the specs. The sharp display and cameras standout. The smooth body finish gives the Mi 10 a premium look.

At around $600, the bang for buck mobile gadget is worth it. 

How did it fare with battery life? I cannot comment on this because I used the Mi 10 for a few hours. But I was assured by Radu and Sven the battery holds up well.  Also, I checked the other tech review sights, the 4500 mAh pack got good marks.   Additionally, the battery charges from 0 to 40% quickly.  

Thanks to Fonschmiede and Vodafone Ring Centre Berlin.