Why I Lost It For Balenciaga?

Sometimes too much can be too much in the quest for fashion validation.

Fashion runs after trends instead of setting them. Instead of aspirational, it’s buy it now, be seen. Brands are all about the see me with the oversized branding for the Instagram Generation. Tacky be damned! Having written  about this theme for a while, I wonder what will be the long term effects on fashion houses. 

The Case: Balenciaga 

Balenciaga is a case study. Cristobal Balenciaga, saying the name conjures up sophistication, glamour, luxury, the absolute master of the fashion world. The Spanish born designer produced some of most striking creations ever made for a runway. Why? Because he sewed, cut, and designed. His looks were great works of art. WONDEROUS! Nothing was simple, everything was incredible. If a fashion lover needs inspiration, grab a book with his creations.

In the 21stcentury it is all about the branding for a picture on Instagram. Fashion houses are now owned by multinational companies looking at the bottom line. The Balenciaga brand is etched on baseball hats, chunky sneakers, kids clothing, and wear hoodies From the original bubble skirt to sweat pants, how did it come to this? “Cheapen” is not the term, “accessible overload” is what I like to say. 

After reviewing the menswear Spring 18 collection, I felt like Theresa May after an EU summit. I needed a shot of something to numb the pain. The inspiration was about the everyday guy. The windbreaker jacket with BALENCIAGA labeled over the chest reminded me of the front of a coming city bus.

What do I do? 

Every influencer has the “B” word well placed in their threads. The brand is having great success with the social media crowd. But I am sad with the feeling something has been lost.  Balenciaga’s appeal came from a gorgeous level of inaccessibility.