Which One?

As Fashion Weeks approach I think there are now 3 categories of fashion types attending the shows and events. The Fashion World is driven by character absorption of media images. I classify them in 3 categories: The Carrie Bradshaws, The Anna Wintours, and The Kardashians. 

The Big 3

First, The Carrie Bradshaws of the fashion world. They really want to live in New York City while sort of having a job as a part time writer in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Living the life of shopping for heels, then hitting a lunch spot for a chat with friends. Sadly, that world is about as much reality as a Marvel Super Hero Film. But if they can attend a fashion show, look perky, get a few pictures sitting row front, job done.

Second, The Anna Wintour types are a more serious crowd. They want to respect. Armed with sunglasses, and a lot of attitude. When this type walks in you are suppose to know who they are from the first point of contact. The Fashion Gods will strike from Heaven for this impertinence.  Yes, some even try to absorb the superior character straits of a public personality. Is Anna really like this? According to their definition, “yes”.

Lastly, The Kardashian types are more about a show. They give you a spectacle. Presentation is important. Tight looks or a lot of color, heels to the ceiling, so much make up, Liberace would be proud. I am never sure what these people do for a day job. Of course they have a tag along companion.

These types are not exclusive to females. The male versions are a bit different. There are few masculine Carrie types. Men tend to lean more on the Wintour and Kardashians side. You know them when you meet them and more when you “see” them. No introduction needed. 

Fashion Weeks Season starts in January until the end of February.