We Aren’t Writing “Eat Cake”

The Coronavirus marches on, the world hold its breath. The economic, social, and political flood gates have been open. What to expect next? Conversation after conversation, I draw the same conclusion, “say a pray”. There is no answer. Never in modern times has the world faced a challenge. “Uncertainty” is the daily trending word. Jobs are uncertain. Salaries have been slashed. In the US, millions face housing evictions.  People do not feel safe.  

Posting and writing about fashion feels a bit out of touch. Before March, “living the best life” was popular. Today, showing off aspirational things to buy, we are not saying “eat cake”. Just inspire readers. Plus, we love clothes. 

The fashion industry struggles to survive the hard reality of buyers not shopping. I ask myself, Does anyone care about my fashion weeks commentary? 

Looking over the financial numbers of the big brands, HORRIFIC! Sales are down by as much as 60%.  Just know, you are not the only one forgoing buying expensive these days. 

The lust for the latest looks in the middle of pandemic can seem a bit imbecilic. Posting a pair of pants, sweater, and top  from a luxury house that costs $2,000.  Questionable. It looks great for the home office. The latest Givenchy bag may not resonate with buyers in these times.  

“If we like it we post it” is Black and Paper’s philosophy, but we had to address these crazy times. All of us are affected by Covid-19. The future is unclear. How long will this madness last? Personally, I stopped making weekly plans. 

Unlike other blogs, sites, and magazines, we can type “empathy” on the keyboard.  

A world that provides equality, certainty, and health is good for all. 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. See you soon.  We are all in this together.