Musical Chairs, AGAIN

The musical chairs continue in the fashion world as yet more creative heads have departed major houses.  I was in a state of shock when Pierpaolo Piccioli exited as head of Rome brand house Valentino after twenty-five years.  The couture label epitomized glamour with its monochromatic pink looks and feathered head pieces.  All great rides come to an end.  Piccioli’s clock rang.  However, the clock was ticking.  When powerhouse Kering bought 30% of the house in July 2023, changes were coming.  As a media sweetheart, Valentino matched Louis Vuitton with celebrity filled fashion shows in Paris.  As a major sales force, the numbers came up short.  Enter the former Kering alumi and past darling Alessandro Michele.  The once head of Gucci has been given the task make the sixty-four-year-old brand commercially relevant.  It is a curious mix of bling meets classical style.  It will be interesting to see the next evolution of the big V logo brand in Spring 2025 collection