The Fashion Eco Warriors?

The world has now become social media politically conscience.  It is hyper connected movement of righteousness mixed with moral superiority.  If iOS shuts down, heaven help the world.  

Predicting what Millennials and Social Media want is hard. They post one thing to be a part of a movement but purchase the opposite in stores.   

Sustainability clothing will not come cheap. Yes, we agree the world needs to change course but putting wallet where the values seems hard to reconcile, especially for a generation raised on disposable fashion. Can they change their consumption habits. Are Millennials prepared to give up  the 1.99 t-shirts? Will they buy better and less? No more weekly shopping trips to main street stores for weekend looks only to end up in garbage heaps 1 week later.  

The contridictions are glaring. Based on real retail sales, the picture is not  so social media warrior clear. When given the choice of quality over quantity. Quantity wins.  New shopping habits are required to save the world.  Not just feel good speeches.

Look to the Past 

Fashion pieces in the past were sustainable.  Pieces made of better quality.  Secondly, styles changes from season to season were less radical. Eternal is no longer a design plan.  This is not compatible in a world perpetually chasing followers and likes.  Selfies require a constant source of clothing.    

The Fashion Industry has taken up the mantle. Recently announcing  sustainability, Earth and eco-friendly are now a part of corporate manifestos.  Doing more to help the environment. Commendable. But what does it mean?  New production techniques, an incentive for less customer consumption,  longer product life cycle.  

Yes, people are more environmental aware. Voices chanting. Marches across the globe. But the real change comes from the dollar or euro. Where the intentions go, the wallet should follow.