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  • Y Champagne, Why Not?

    Y Champagne, Why Not?

    Superstar Yoshiki and Pommery Champagne held a launch event in Berlin at the top of the Waldorf Astoria. The musician collaborated with the house for a luxury sparkling wine based on his passion for bubbly. For this Before Tacky episode we spoke to Japanese musician about when he drinks Champagne and some quick words on […]

  • The Real Champagne Experience

    The Real Champagne Experience

    From the ITB Berlin, a quick Clipper Inspired podcast talks to CEO Pier Tognazzini about visiting France’s Champagne Region.

  • CHAMPAGNE 2020

    The top Champagne Brand in the world goes to Moet and sister brands, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot, which sold a combined 64.7 million bottles with prices starting at $40 a bottle. Celebrate the New Year with the drink celebrations. Sadly, Champagne sales dropped 23% in 2020 due to closures resulting in 100 million unsold […]

  • Celebrate 2020

    Roll in the new decade and New Year.   Today’s Drink! If you had a good year drink one glass of Champagne.  If you had a bad year, drink a bottle of Champagne. 

  • Why Drink Champagne in the Spring?

    There are seven reasons. Black and Paper recommends these cocktail recipes:   Mimosa Champagne + Orange Juice Bellini Champagne + Peach Juice Pomegranate Mimosa Champagne + Pomegranate Juice  Lemonade Mimosa Champagne + Lemonade Sorbet Float Champagne + Sorbet  Strawberry Bellini Champagne + Strawberry  Sparkling Julep Champagne + Mint + Tea Spoon of Sugar Use Veuve […]

  • History of Champagne

  • Champagne with A View

    Champagne with A View

    A bit of shopping, a view, a glass of Champagne all in one in Paris at Printemps. 

  • A Healthy Start 2019

    Do not think of Champagne as alcohol. Champagne can be a part of a healthy breakfast on January 1st. Vitamin C + Optimism is a way to start the New Year. Instead of a hangover remedy after December 31st. Traditionally, I start the year with a Mimosa in the morning. Why? Because a bright cocktail […]

  • Champagne Kraut

    GLAM UP A Simple Dish Traveling around Southern Germany from picturesque Christmas Market to market with friends, sampling stalls. It’s always a pleasure to have a glass of Gluwien with a Franconia Sausage. There is a another culinary pleasure, the German staple, Sauerkraut. A simple cabbage dish served for dinner cooked with onions, caraway seeds, […]



    Eating is VULGAR! DRINK CHAMPAGNE!  This holiday season, like all holiday seasons is about getting together with family and friends to celebrate. The Yuletide cheer is in the air.  However, I am recommending less is better, and more is superior.  Eating is out! Drink the Best! After all, how many times have you heard a […]