Stop The Violence!

Fashion violence has many victims. There is no better example than attending a fashion show of a well known brand. Witnessing the spectacle of a heard of victims all gussied up for display, showing off their logo loyalty. 

Flash back to the 1980’s, as luxury houses started to become more “mastige”, accessible to masses through licenses, everything started having a designer logo. The first, Paris based designer Pierre Cardin signed over his namesake signature to everything from terrycloth shirts to baseball caps.   Sadly, the brand lost its luster, becoming a joke, then irrelevant. 

Fast forward 2010, while having a cafe in Sloan Square, London, I witnessed one victim after another walking by overtly wearing designer brand this, designer brand that, proud fashion violence victims. They had no scars or bruises, just very visible labels. 

From Milan Fashion Week 

During the past fashion season I walked past the Fendi show in Milan. Fashion Violence victims were numerous. Throw a people you would have hit three. Do not misunderstand. I adore Fendi and Mr. Lagerfeld’s work. As the creative director, he has done a masterful job of keeping the brand modern and relevant in the social media age. The luxury label is now bling, bling with its “double F” logo on diverse merchandise.  However,  This is where the violence starts for me.  

I saw so many fashion attendees wearing Fendi from top to bottom, the complete collection. I wondered, was this a fashion show or a Fendi version of a Scientology Cult Convention. My definition of Fashion Victimhood: When a person buys a brand to become an extreme living billboard. Wearing the entire branded look, then throwing in more to top it off! Is this overcompensation behavior occurring? Having to prove garish devotion to fashion by being an over the top caricature. Imagine an entire body branded with “FENDI” references. Rapper Lil Kim with the LV logo painted on her naked flesh comes to mind. Is this fashion or victimization? Fashion Violence victims and Fashion Clowns are the same. I laugh when I see one or the other. 

Style icons who wore designer brands were never victims of Fashion Violence. Is there a picture of Audrey Hepburn with the Givenchy logo emblazoned on her look? Think about it.