Shooting Stars Berlinale 2016

European Shooting Stars 2016 at the Berlinale

10 young actors were chosen from across the continent for the 19th edition of the European Initiative.


Martha Canga Antonio from Belgium

Martha Canga Antonio is from Belgium. She debuted in first film BLACK in 2015.

Why did you become actress?

I was 15 years old. I read there was an audition for a film. The filmmakers were looking for unexperienced actors. So, I took a chance and got the role.  I discovered something amazing during the making of the film.

Is there a particular role you would like to perform?

Of course I would like challenging roles. Something people would not imagine me doing.

Anything new coming up?

Yeah, I am looking at roles and new projects.

Will the Shooting Stars help your career?

It feels like the official start of my career.



Lou de Laage from France

Lou de Laage is from France. She has been nominated twice for the French Academy Awards as Most promising Actress for her roles in “Jappeloup” and “Breathe”.

How did you get involved in acting?

I did theater when I was 10 in Bordeaux. I always wanted to do it. It was a dream for me. I went to acting school. When I moved to Paris at 18 I got an agent and continued to work. Then I started in cinema. It was another world.

What have you learned about your profession?

I learn from each project.   There different methods and styles of working. I have been in co-productions in Holland and Poland. The styles were different.   I took the best from both.

Is there an actress you would like to emulate?

I have many but no real model. I cannot have the same career as actresses I have to go my own way.



Maria Valverde from Spain

Maria Valverde is from Spain. She started working in 2002 winning the prestigious lead actress award for her debut film.

How did you start as an actress?

I started drama school at 10. I made my first film at 15.   I won a Goya Prize at 16 for The Bolsheviks’s Weakness. I have constantly worked.

What is your style of acting?

I did not attend drama school. I learned from other actors, their techniques and styles. I am always practicing. I find acting therapeutic, drawing on real experiences.

Do you have an actress you admire?

I admire many.

What is your goal as an actress?

I do not have one. Acting has been fun for me. It has given me so many opportunities to work and travel. I am learning French now. It will be my fourth language.

Images by Canon Legria mini X